March 20, 2006

"Why is it called truth? Does it mean that somebody has been lying to us all that time?" - that's what you are likely to ask when visiting my blog for the first time. The answer is "I don't know" or "I don't wanna know" or even "I know but I don't wanna tell you."
Watching news on tv, listening to radio, reading newslines at internet portals, I've noticed that, intentionally or not, but somebody's invisible hand (or pen or lash) changes a bit the facts they're telling us. I've lost my patience finally and decided to start telling you how it is in reality, at least how I view it since I'm here, at the other side of TV screen, right where all these thing are happenging and being reported to other people which are sitting very far awway in their chair in front of their TV sets.
Who am I? Well, I'll have a chance to know more about me through my posts (an observant reader can even build my more or less correct portrait in his mind). I was born in Russia... more than a quater of a century ago. It's enough to strat having my own opinino on the events I've benn through as an involuntary witness.
Is this worthwhile reading? It's up to you. Moreover, Idon't (and can't) make anybody read it. I'd say I post here more for myself than anybody else (A bit selfish, I know... but it's true)
What are you to judge what the truth is and what it is not? I don't intend to judge - I'm just sharing my views, my thoughts which, in my opinion, are closer to reality than the things we're being constantly told from TV screens.
Can you tell us something which we're not aware of and can be of interest? Well... have you heard about a car accident happended in Russia in which a governor of one of Russian regions died as weell as his driver? The court pledged guilty a man who was driving a car and witnessed the accident - the man did not infringe any road rules in contrary to the governor's driver who infringed at least three serious road rules. You'll ask why, why the court pledged him guilty. The answer is the name of mu blog. That's Russian reality, Russian truth.... more stories to come, by the way.
I've always wanted to know ... about Russia. Can you help me and answer my questions? Of course, I can, with pleasure. OK. Let's stop for a while. Take care!

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