September 29, 2006

Russia attempts to legalize terrorists

The closer date of elections the more stupid and unexplainable things are happening in Russia, in the Russian government, rather.

Recently the State Duma (a kind of parliament) announced that they were on the verge of adopting the amnesty of ‘former’ Chechen militants. I think, every logical person can understand what results such a populist decision (most probably dated to upcoming elections, both presidential and in the parliament) can cause.

Just think over it: those thugs have been killing, raping and kidnapping people and nobody’s going to punish them. What they’re asked is just to say “Sorry” – and they can be let go. Go where? Presumably, go killing, raping and kidnapping people. Any reasonable person realizes that there are no ‘former’ militants; there are no ‘former’ terrorists. People whose hands are painted with innocent people’s blood cannot become kind and humane just under the directive of politicians.

Beware: you can come across those kind people soon. They'll be freely walking down the street

The current situation means that those politicians are ready to sacrifice innocent people’s lives to win elections or boost their popularity amongst those well-known human rights activists (who care more about the rights of homosexuals or perverts who are in minority rather than about the rights of normal people).

If the law on amnesty of former Chechen militants is adopted (and it already passed through two hearings) the gangs will have the legal right to freely travel across the territory of Russia. But who really cares about those minor things that some of them could have taken part in organization of terrorist attacks in 2001 in USA, in 2004 in Russia (Beslan) and blowing up apartment houses in Moscow?

Seems like the politicians have chosen, as usual, the most simple way to ‘solve’ the problem: they can’t catch terrorists throw them in jails, so they announce that they are not terrorist any more to calm down the Western World and pretend that terrorism has been defeated.

Interesting policy, isn’t it?

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