October 18, 2006

Foaming: New Type of Terrorism in Russia

Seems like Russians again invented a new type of terrorism conditionally called “foaming”.

An accident happened on October 13, 2006 in Saint-Petersburg. In the morning the square at the Kazan cathedral was full of foam being thrown out by the squares’ fountain. Foam flakes were lying everywhere – on trees, lawns, pavement, benches etc.

According to preliminary investigation, unidentified person(s) poured out a significant amount of shampoo or shaving cream into the fountain.

Later, the international youth non-political movement called “Glamour extremists” took the responsibility for this accident. As they stated, it was an act of protest, no one was hurt during this act, and it can’t be incriminated as an act of vandalism. They just wanted to stress the deplorable state of fountains in Saint-Petersburg. Most of them don’t function and haven’t been repaired for a long period of time. The municipal body called “Vodokanal” which is in charge of all water-supplying facilities in the city very poorly maintains the facilities within their jurisdiction. “They’d better pay more attention to what they’re obliged to do rather than doing nothing while residing in their luxury apartments in prestigious parts of the city”.

At the same time, authorities said that the fountain was damaged (ha-ha) due to such an act of vandalism and additional financing will be required to get it repaired. Seems like bureaucrats are always on the look-out and not going to miss an opportunity to spend governmental money for their own needs.

However, there is a threat that such ‘foaming terrorism’ has all the chances to widely spread across Russia as means of protest.

Source: Russian mass-media

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