December 18, 2006

No punishment for killing five people

В Кочубеевском районном суде Ставропольского края в понедельник пройдут предварительные слушания по уголовному делу бывшего руководителя администрации города Пятигорска Игоря Тарасова

The criminal case against former head of the town of Pyatigorsk Igor Tarassov, who caused an accident resulting in the deaths of five men discontinued immediately after the start of the trial.

Kocubeevski District Court of the Stavropol region on Monday granted the victims : "The criminal case is withdrawn because of reconciliation between the parties".

Vladislav Potapov, a lawyer of the accused, said that, in its application, all three victims, the relatives of people died in the accident, had asked the court to stop the criminal case because the accused ex-mayor fully paid them moral and material damage. “They told they consider Tarassov a decent person who from the outset has provided them with moral support and material assistance”, said counsel.

The compensation each of the three victims were paid was about 1 million rubles (approx. $38,000). "Each of the victims was paid almost $ 1 million rubles, therefore fully reconciled with the defendant, " the court judge said.

What happened on the road, and how the perpetrator of the incident fled

The investigation revealed that on August 23, 2006 at 2:00 a.m. Tarassov, driving his car Toyota Land Cruiser, violated the requirements of a road sign prohibiting speed of over 70 km / hour Moving in the direction of Stavropol at the speed of 110-130 km / hr, Tarassov crossed into the oncoming traffic, where faced a car heading towards the town of Nevinnomassk.

There were four men and a woman inside that car. The driver of the motor vehicle Vitali Gurkov and two passengers, his son and daughter-in-law, died on the spot, two more 22 y.o. Gurkov Alexei and Vasily Gruntowski were seriously injured in the head and torso, but were still alive.

"Realising that Gurkov and Gruntowski were deprived of the opportunity to take steps to self themselves as a result of their helplessness in connection with the injuries, Tarasov knowingly left them without assistance in the state dangerous do their lives and escaped from the location of the accident", says the report released and distributed earlier by the prosecutors’ office.

When Tarasov fled from the scene of the crime, law enforcement officials and the province health authorities tried to cover up the fact, that Tarasov was responsible for the accident. The fact of his arrival at one of the hospitals of Stavropol was hidden (as a result of the incident Tarasov was also injured).

Both victims, whom Tarasov left at the scene of the accident, died of injuries the following day in Kocubeevski central district hospital.

Tarasov was under subscription ban. The court refused keeping Tarassov in detention. Ex-mayor voluntarily relinquished his powers of the mayor of Pyatigorsk on October, 27. Prior to that appointment, he served as adviser to the Prime Minister of Chechnya.

For the reference:

According to the Russian Legislation a case on violation of road traffic rules resulting in the death of two or more persons, deliberate neglect people in dangerous to their lives state can not be dropped or withdrawn.

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