August 15, 2010

Russia, Putin, Fires, Lobby

Just some facts: accroding to many sources, the new Russian Forestry Code has been lobbied. Who by? By a company named the Ilim Pulp Group.

When, where and who registered & found the company? the former Russian President & currently the Prime Minister Mr. V. V. Putin registered the company in 1992 in Saint-Petersburgh.

Who owned 30% of shares till 1999 which later somehow dissappeared? Mr. Medvede, the President of the Russian Federation.

Some sources:

In 2006, Forbes gave the company number 24 in the rating of private companies

About the corporation

"Joint Venture Ilim Pulp Enterprise registered by the Committee on Foreign Relations of St. Petersburgh Administration on April 30, 1992 (Roster No. AOL-1546) with authorized capital of 1 million rubles."

Who was the head of the Committee on Foreign Relations of St. Petersburg Administration in 1992? Do we need to mention it was Mr. Putin

According to biography of Mr. Medvedev published on Wikipedia: in 1997-1998, Dmitry Medvedev worked as the head of legal services in Ilim Pulp Corporation. In the Kremlin's version of Medvedev's biography those two years were shamefully omitted.

We don't judge, we don't comment, we just give you some facts.

PS Many experts in Russia are convinced that the new Russian Forestry Code caused the destruction of well-formed & established structure of forestry administration & control. That's why the Russian government & local authorities were helpless in fighting with fires which literally captured the major part of Russia. Heavy smoke wrapped up Moscow. Number of daily deaths in Moscow doubled.

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