April 30, 2011

Russia under Mr. Putin: the Real Results

The degradation of Russia during the reign of Mr. Putin is clearly reflected in the figures published in the article of a Belorussian newspaper:

In the Russian Federation, there are 4,000,000 homeless, three million people living in poverty (we think it's even more), 3 million of street prostitutes, about 1.5 million Russian women "work" (as prostitutes) in the European and Asian countries. 6 million Russian citizens are suffering from mental disorders, 5 million  people are drug addicts, more than 6 million suffer from AIDS.

10,000 abortions are made in Russia every day, there are 7 million childless marriages. More than 80,000 people are murdered a year. Around 30,000 people died in road accidents. About 100 thousand Russians die each year from drug overdoses.

There are more than 3 million people commit crimes in Russia annually. There are more than 1 million priosners, even more than in the USSR during Stalin's repressions. 

In terms of repressive law enforcement, the Russian Federation takes  first place in the world, that is 800-810 prisoners per 100 thousand population.

Alcohol consumption in Russia is 14 liters of conditioned alcohol per person per year (according to other sources it's 18 liters). According to scientific researches, at the level of 8 liters the physical degradation of a nation starts.

There are 31 million children under the age of 18 in Russian. Only 30 percent of them is healthy, 3.5 million children are disabled, 1 million are addicts. There are 750,000 orphans (more than at the end of World War II, when there were 678,000 orphans (!)). Two million of children are illiterate. About five million are homeless. 

In Russia, there are a million and a half of officials, three times more than in the USSR. For bribing of officials about 33.5 billion dollars are spent annually.

In coal mining Russia has "reached" (can it be called as an achievement?) the level of 1957, in production of trucks - 1937, combines - 1933rd, tractors - 1931, cars and textiles - 1910, footwear - 1900. Aircraft, electronic, automotive industries have been almost completely destroyed.

You won't read this information in major Russian newspapers and TV channels.

Source: ng.by

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