August 22, 2006

Madonna cancels her show in Moscow

The picture above shows the location
where Madonna' cancelled show should have taken place

According to rumors, Madonna cancels her show widely-advertised show which should take place in Moscow on September, 11 (I don't know why she has chosen that date which can cause some unpleasant associations). At least, she will have to move it to another place.
The main problem is that the chief of the Moscow security department said in his statement that it is impossible to provide security for 150 thousand people according to estimates of the show organizers.
According to the oprganizers' requirement, the Moscow police should no let students of the Moscow State University who are staying in the nearest hostel (which is probably the largest one in Moscow and Russia), open windows and look out of them. As you understand, it's completely impossible and students would definitely not miss an opportunity to wathc the Madonna's concert for free.

For that reason Madonna has to cancel her show and choose another place in Moscow for it. Currently, almost all the tickets have been sold out and there are still chances the show would be entirely cancelled.

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