August 24, 2006

Russian Airplane crashed over Ukraine (video attached)

This sorrowful accident happened on August, 22 2006. An airplane of Russian airlines named 'Pulkovo' heading to Saint-Petersburg from Anapa (a Russian southern resort city) fell down and exploded at the Donetsk region (Ukraine). I'm afraid we won't know the truth about the accident. All we currently know that the pilot sent SOS signals twice prior to the jet's explosion. Then radars lost it.

That day there was a strong thunderstorm abnormal for that region. The crew decided to fly over it but something probably went wrong with the engine. 160 passengers and 10 members of the crew all died. There were about 40 children abroad (that's understandable - they were all going back from their vacations with parents. My note - initially the Russian mass-media had the cheek to state there were only 4 kids abroad which was a pure bs.)

Today, August 24 2006 is a mourning day. No entertainment programs on TV. We all mourn over people died in that crash.

While the official cause of the accident hasn't been announced yet, here below is a video taken from a mobile phone by one of the witnesses of the accident.

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Video of the TU-154 airjet crash

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