August 17, 2006

Russian Special Police beat up innocent people + Horrible Video

This abominable accident happened in Sochi, one of the Russian southern resort cities. OMON policemen (OMON stands for Russian Special Police forces and sometimes referred to as the riot squad) were beating innocent people and asking “Who’s beaten our people?”

The accident happened on the night of June, 16. Two drunk cops serving in OMON were molesting to young girl at a café. The girls managed to leave the café and avoid raising a conflict. After that the two fellows started to provoke a young man who had danced with those girls for a fight. There were two young men observing the conflict (these men came frron Rostov-on-Don – another Russian southern city). They asked those drunken cops to stop behaving themselves improperly. After that a fight began. The drunken cops were beaten up and spent some time lying on ground. When they got up they threatened to come back and then went away.

The night of August 18 to 19 became a real horror. From 30 to 50 cops (witnesses state it differently) came to that part of the city and started busting all men and teenagers. They were using force, electrical shockers and batons. Some of the cops were armored with machine guns. When beating people they were constantly asking the question: “Who’s beaten up our people?”

The mass bust was at the café where two days befortwo drunken cops had been beaten up. The café weas overcrowded. The cops were throwing people over the café fencing and making them lie down on the ground. When everybody was lied down they again started asking “Who beat out people?” When nobody answered they asked “Who is from Rostov-on Don?” Those unlucky ones who raised their hands where then brutally beat with batons and electroshockers.

Then all busted people were put in a bus and driven to the police station. All this scene was observed by pedestrians, tourists and café visitors as well as residents and relatives of busted people who came after they head heard screams.

Relatives of busted teenagers came after the bus with busted people driving their own cars. When the bus arrived to the police station no one was going to release arrested people. Parents of teenagers requested to call for emergency and give medical support to the victims. But policemen refused to do this. The busted people had remained in the custody for 6 hours. Then they were threatened and forced to sign statements that they didn’t have any complaints against the policemen.

Two of the victims then were hospitalized. Other went to medical examination later. Many of them had numerous bruises. One of the teenagers had concussion of his brain, another one had contusion of his liver and kidneys.

The local Office of Public Prosecutor instituted legal proceedings. But I personally very doubtful that those cops from OMON (the riot squad) would be properly punished.

PS The city of Sochi where this accident occurred is one of the candidates for holding Olympic Games.

PPS View the horrible video below which also took place in Sochi: a bastard serving in Russian specila forces hits an innocent fellow in his kidney so that he falls down.

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  1. Wow, some of those videos with police are dramatic.