August 15, 2006

World War III will begin in 7 days

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The world is on the verge of a new horrible war, most probably, a nuclear war. That’s not one of the Nostradamus prophecies. This is the prediction of many famous political scientists, including Bernard Lewis – a man who is close to G. Bush’s administration.

The war will begin on August, 22 in the Middle East. The conflict will be initiated by Teheran which will strike Israel. Youll ask why on August, 22? The answer is simple. On that day the Washington’s request for the Iran’s president to stop the Iran’s nuclear program will expire. Teheran will definitely refuse to. Moreover, due to an accidental coincidence, on that night of Auggust, 22 Muslims will be celebrating the Mohammed’s travel to Jerusalem and his Ascension. That wool be a very good reason for Mohammed’s followers to celebrate it with striking Israel. Israel will respond immediately.

This scenario isn’t dreams of a committed madman. Everything’s possible in the Middle East. People are playing with fire. Nobody actually controls the situation, that’s why it can explode any time. What we observe is currently going world war there.

First Stage

Now it’s clear to everybody that actual Israel’s intentions weren’t strictly tighten up with Hezbollah destruction. They could have done with the help of their Mossad agents to kill all Hezbollah’s leaders. The perfectly equipped Israel’s army could have easily destroyed all terrorist’s missile installations. So why did they need those bombings of Lebanon’s cities? Morover, its been done under strong US support? Lebanon’s occupation is a ground to solve the “Iran’s problem”.

Second stage

Israel has set Hezbollah back off of their borders. What’s next? Tel-Aviv and USA haven’t been hurrying up to agree with UN resolutions. Seems like they deliberately provoke Iran to join the conflict. Iran will try to bomb Israel – Tel-Aviv will trap them (as it’s been many times before with Iraq’s missiles.) But both Washington and Tel-Aviv will obtain a formal right to strike Iran back.

Third stage

Israel will bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities. USA will support it with its fleet in the Persian Gulf and aviation. Iran won’t behave as a modest country girl and will use its entire rocket arsenal to bomb Israel and American navy ships.

No one can guarantee that other Muslim countries in that region will stray out of the conflict.

Fourth stage

The funnel of war will inevitably pull in other parties, such as Turkey. Activities of antigovernment formations in Iraq and Afghanistan will definitely become more intense. Finally, the emphasis will be shifted onto the struggle for regions with world’s oil resources. That’s what USA needs.

If one of the parties occupies the “world’s oil Klondike” it will cause strong resistance in Asia and Europe. Russia will also bwe provoked so that it would become an “actor” rather than an observer. But that would be the fifth stage…

PS The source is Russian mass-media (such as

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