December 20, 2006

How top-level pop stars are connected with Russian oligarchs

Popstars appeared to find a new huge source of revenue of which few people know. Let us lift the veil of mystery from it. We all know Russia is rich of those nuevo riches that are called oligarchs. Having earned crazy money on exporting Russian natural resources which (just between you and me) equally belong to all Russians. This is stated in the Russian constitution. But who cares…Well, those above mentioned oligarchs don’t mind spending a couple of million dollars for inviting top popstars to their private parties – to song, to dance and so on.

Seems like popstars don’t mind taking those invitations. Recently the British singer Sting was paid around a million dollars (of course, this isn’t official information. This is all rumors, but something tells us we have no reasons for doubts) for a one-hour concert.

Last Christmas Robbie Williams also visited Moscow to sing for another Russian oligarch. This time his fee was around 2 million dollars. Less popular Anastasia got ‘ridiculous’ $800,000. We plan to extend our list in near future taking into account that upcoming holidays will most likely bring a crowd of American & British popstars.

Actually, we don’t mind and, honestly, glad that there are people who can earn millions per hour. The only question we have is whether they pay taxes from their fees, especially if we recall theat in Russia the common practice is to pay money in cash. But this question is rhetorical and we don’t think the pop stars mentioned in this article will ever answer it.

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  1. Show them money and they will come :-)

    We all do it ( well, most do)