December 25, 2006

What is the Russian second major problem and how to make billions on it

Let us be extremely frank with you: there are only two major problems in Russia: fools and roads (believe or not - this is a well known and oftenly cited saying in Russia). The rest things are so minor...

In this article below you can read how to make billions of dollars on the second major Russian problem. Actual pictures taken from the trip will just prove what we say.

The National Project Programs of the Russian Federation presents the fruits of the development of the most recent project to build modern overland transportation road link, upgrading highway that leads from Lisbon to Vladivostok.

We are proud to say our upgraded highway is using all newest engineering technology to ensure fast overland accesibility and safety.

After expenditures of US $3 billion dollars, Europe and Asia are linked as never before.

(Download this public service announcement in its original poster size here. Perfect for desktop background!)

Yes, the traffic looks bad now. But thanks to hi-technology mud, the Trans-Siberian Magistral cut traffic from 9 months to 8-1/2 months.

Our sustainable-development policy works with nature rather than attempting to conquer it. Therefore, we harness the energy of the rain and mud to produce 21st century hydro-roads.

Increased safety with extra wide shoulders allows drivers to work on their car, or to pull over and gaze at natural beauty of taiga.

Optional toll express lane takes stress off of primary road, while encouraging eco-friendly driving.

Roadside assistance is now in keeping with international standards.

Many sections of Trans Siberian Magistral offer roadside relax zones

Trans Siberian Magistral will facilitate fast delivery of goods to Far East, improving trade and transport.

Features new drainage systems to prevent flooding. Just 1 year ago, this truck would have completely sunk. Not now!

Durable road surface allows road sharing between all types of auto transport

Satellite phone connection is available throughout entire length of road.


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