February 22, 2007

'Democratic' Censorship in Russia

A Russian artist Ivan Ushkov was forced to eliminate his painting from his first personal exhibition in Moscow half an hour before its opening. The reason was a series of his works named "Welcome to Russia". The organizer's committee of the exhibition considered his paintings discrediting the image of Russia. Moreover, police later came to Ushkov's office and confiscated his computer and some photographs. The he received a notice to visit a police station, where he was hinted to stop participating in exhibitions.

The artist himself called all those actions 'stupid censorship'. Ushkov said that his works reflect his opininon and real life situations and not made for epatage.

Let's look at these pictures that caused such a reaction from russian authorities:

Inscription in the corner: "Free desk"

Regards to David Lynch

"Reality-show DOM 3 - new rules are much more interesting"

(DOM3 is a popular mainly amongst teenagers Russian reality show)

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