March 06, 2007

Horror Movie in Reality: Maniacs killing Girls, Cops Indifferent

An awful incident happend in Russia lately. A girl was kidnapped, killed and dismembered while militia knew of kidnapping but apparently did not want to investigate.

When the parents of Marina (the name of the girl) didn't show up home after 9 o'clock p.m. they realized that somehing had happened. They called police but the were just laughing: "You know youth: they don't show up for a month, you search them and then they appear after having spent time ihaving fun and all those sorts of things "

Then Marina's parents received a telephone call from her. Her voice was weak, she just was able to say "Mama, save me".

The received in total 10 calls - but when Marina's parents went to police asking for tracing the call and arresting criminals... the cops just didn't want to listen. They said te call was from Moscow.

Then Marina's father came to the telephone station and asked them to trace the call. They helped: the call was fron their town (Novokuznetsk). The father being in desperate, knowing that police fro some inexplainable reasons don't want to help, took his rifle and wis frined of him went to the house from where the calls had been made.

The door was locked. As Marina's father understood there were several Caucasians and they didn't weant to open the door. When Marina's father offered them ransom for his daughter they couldn't answer yeas or no: looked like the were under drugs. The cucasians just said: "We'll throw a greande if you don't go away". Then police came (this time they decided to interfere) with an old Caucasian and arrested Marina's father. Caucasians were let go.

Again, they didn't pay much attention to those telephone calls made by Marina (she was alive then).

In a couple of days Marina stopped calling. In a month her lower part of body was found in a ravine.

Medical expertise confirmed that her body was saturated with heroin as a sponge, and she was raped.

Marina's parents had to investigate by themselfes. A gang of Caucasians kidnapped and raped their daughter. Then they killed and dismembered her. And police keeps on being indifferent to this case.

Marina' parents are in depserate: their daughter was killed, police does not investigate, there is noone to help.


  1. One of my favorite horror movies of all times is those in which dead walking are around all over the place killing people, a poster about a pill that encreases the men sexual performance was included with the magazine I bought about horror movies.

  2. I love Russia and at the same time I'm afraid of it